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Sharpen Committed Analysts

Our goal: discover committed students and equip them with the necessary skills and experience in financial modelling, valuation, and networking to enter IB/HF/PEs.

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Training & Experience

Modelling & Valuation

An analyst attends a 3-hour classroom session of technical training and spends at least 6 hours of self study per week in our boutique-style work space.

w/c Oct 2

Excel 101 Taster


w/c Oct 9


w/c Oct 16


w/c Oct 23

Corporate Finance

w/c Oct 23

Advanced Excel,
Bloomberg Terminal

w/c Oct 30

Financial Stmt. Modelling
I/S, B/S, CFS, Segments

w/c Nov 6

Equity Research
2 of 4

w/c Nov 13

DCF and Sensitivity Analysis

w/c Nov 20


w/c Nov 27

M&A Modelling

w/c Dec 4

Advanced LBO

w/c Dec 11

M&A Pitch Book
1 of 2

w/c Jan 8

Distress and Restructuring

w/c Jan 15

Equity Research
(4/4) and Case Study

w/c Jan 22


w/c Jan 29

Case Study

w/c Feb 5

M&A Pitch Book
2 of 2

w/c Feb 5

Finance Lab Graduation


A Network of Students,
Alumni, and Firms

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Skills Development

Case Studies

Case studies and competitions provide the opportunity for students and analysts alike to challenge their market acumen and technical understanding. We provide firms the flexibility to run either general audience case studies or analyst-level case studies, at both Warwick and London campuses.

Career Development

Events and

General presentations and networking allow students to connect with professionals and fully explore career choices. We provide firms the choice of either a wide or a screened sample of Warwick students and to reach and connect with.

Talent Discovery

Analyst Recruitment

We recruit analysts who are honest, committed, and resourceful. Recruitment is highly competitive and our acceptance rate is 10.4%.

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Stage 0





Students are invited to attend our taster events to try out our Excel 101 class, where they will learn time-saving shortcuts. Following a presentation on our Analyst Program and recruitment, candidates are invited to apply online.

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Stage 1

Resumé Submission

Applicants submit a single page resumé in up until Friday, October 13, 2017 11pm BST. This deadline filters candidates who are career ready and organized.

Stage 2

Online Assessments

Applicants are invited to complete 2 assessments. These assessments are designed to filter candidates who are resourceful, yet can be completed without prior financial knowledge.

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Stage 3


Succesful applicants are invited for a face-to-face interview with the Finance Lab's partners. This final stage filters candidates who are honest and dedicated.

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