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Partnership Opportunities

We seek to establish and grow a network of technically equipped students, professionals, and firms in which enduring professional relationships are formed.

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How Do I Get Involved?

We run two sponsorship options, an Analyst Program and a Marketplace, flexibly designed to provide relevant opportunities for firms

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Case Studies and Competitions

Industry-sponsored case studies allow analysts to challenge their technical understanding and market acumen. As with our advisory focus, we seek to organize M&A, LBO, and REIT case studies and investment proposition challenges with respected financial advisory firms.


Networking and Presentations

Networking provides analysts the opportunity to connect with professionals and fully explore career choices at your firm. We seek to organize speaking engagements, firm presentations, and networking events at our Warwick and London campuses, or held in-house at your London office.


What Do I Get Out of It?

Sponsors can flexibly tap into our group of technically equipped partners and analysts, and our connection with the wider University of Warwick student network.

Analyst Program

16 Pre-Screened Warwick Students

Our group comprises of 16 rigorously selected, honest, and committed students who are experienced in financial modelling, valuation, and analytical writing. Our real-time platform provides access and screening tools to our analysts’ performance indicators, research pieces, availability, and resumé.


Reach Potential Candidates

In 2017, Warwick is ranked third in the UK for Economics, fifth for Accounting and Finance, and sixth for Mathematics. We facilitate our sponsors’ recruiting campaigns at Warwick, vacancy forwarding, and access to resumés and online assessment results collected during our recruitment process.

Analyst Program

Recruitment Opportunities?

Our analysts’ experience enable them to produce valuable output from day one, requiring little additional training, and to commit long-term to the industry.

Analyst Program

Unpaid Remote Internship

From early November, analysts exhibit working knowledge of financial statements modelling. This is an opportunity to recruit them for 8 weeks (part-time) to support day-to-day operations, such as building/updating models and company research.

Analyst Program

F/T Internship, Graduate Roles

By the end of the program, our partners and analysts will have demonstrated the exemplary work ethic, dedication, organization, and technical experience essential for a full-time internship or graduate role at your firm.

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