Our Story

Since February 2016 until now, our guiding objective remains: to close the skill gap that persists amongst Warwick students trying to join the financial services industry.

July 2017

Finance Lab

Entering our final year, we reorganized to focus solely on Warwick FSF’s core activity, its finance lab. While only a few exists in the UK, finance labs and trading rooms are ubiquitous in North American universities. Unlike most finance labs, however, we focus on financial advisory over trading.

What We Do

December 2016

Warwick FSF

In December, we formalized Redcliffe Insights into Warwick Financial Services Foundation. We pinpointed that most students lack modelling skills. Being a ‘society’, however, did little to help. Catering to diverse career aspirations contradicted the very nature of learning financial modelling, which requires focus and personal dedication. We agreed that we had to move away from the typical ‘society’.

May 2016

‘Insight’ Evenings

We hosted our launch event (May 7) and subsequent sessions on Friday evenings. We limited attendee numbers at 30 to facilitate close collaboration; a concept reminiscent of today’s Finance Lab. In retrospect, Redcliffe was a cornerstone in creating a solid team between the founding partners and acknowledging how little we understood of financial advisory.

February 2016

Redcliffe Insights

We founded Redcliffe Insights during our first year. Redcliffe served as a platform for students to research and pitch their analysis on market developments. Topics that were discussed included recent M&A deals and IPOs, FinTech, and renewable energy. During the sessions, discussions and analysis were made at the non-technical level.

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